All you need to know about Video Marketing!

Video marketing

So you want to know about video marketing?

Not your fault, its video marketing trend that got you here…

Video marketing is rapidly gaining a position as being the top marketing strategy these days because of the various benefits attached to it. Let’s explore the revolutionary marketing strategy in detail.

What is Video Marketing?

As the name suggests Video marketing is merely marketing your brand, product, service, the business using videos. But the list doesn’t end there, you can actually market everything thing with videos as one may create videos to promote their website, new launch, stories, motivating people, even running advertisements on social media. Video marketing has a never-ending scope as the purpose, creativity, and imagination differ from person to person.

Is video marketing a recently established marketing strategy?

Well definitely NOOO…

The 1st ever video advertisement was advertised somewhere around the early 1940s and from there on video marketing came to existence.

But the last handful of years saw a surge in the popularity of video as a content marketing format.
Specifically, from 2017, video marketing got its boom it the world of digital marketing. And these days social media platforms have seen an increase in the video content than just text.

How can I use Video Marketing?

Simply by creating videos pertaining to your brand and publishing it! But yes there are many ways to market your video content online most preferably to make use of social media platforms as it connects to mass audience increasing the potential reach and also publishing on video-sharing platforms and much more.

What are some types of videos trending in video marketing strategy?

1) Animated Videos
An Animated Video is a video that uses Animation to provide a message to the viewer. … These videos are an excellent method of promoting the products or services which a business provides and are an Excellent Marketing Tool. They usually vary in length between 30 seconds to 2 minutes although they can be longer that can be used for advertisements.
2) Explainer Videos
An explainer video is a short animated video commonly used by businesses to quickly tell their brands’ stories in a memorable way. Explainer videos work best for the businesses offering services that could be very difficult to explain in a simple and concise way. Explainers speak a language that is easy to understand, while simultaneously displaying relevant visuals.
3) Social media Videos
Social media videos are essentially any video content that you make and share through social networks. Here the content of the video is of great importance as people watching videos on social media have a very short time to easily switch from your video to others if it’s not appealing to them within few seconds. It is recommended to use the best visuals, character, and impactful content that is short and engages the user to know more.
4) Demo Videos
These videos provide a demonstration of how to use a product, how to operate a particular software, or an unboxing video so basically all sorts of how-to videos. These videos engage the users as the end-users feel engaged with the brand as they perceive the brand going extra mile for their understanding.
5) Event Videos
Videos shot during a running event or a company inviting users for an upcoming event, event videos are best to gauge the attention of the potential users as these videos will keep them updated and connected to your brand.
6) Educational Videos
Any video created for educational purposes or the videos that explain a particular term or provide information or for eg. A person educating via videos the concept of video marketing all these videos are called as educational videos.

There are a lot more forms of video marketing. Above mentioned are just very few forms of video marketing.

Is video marketing worth it?

Many people, marketers, startups, small business owners have this question whether it’s worth investing the money? How will I see results? Is this marketing strategy suitable for my business?

All these questions create ambiguity in the minds of people whether video marketing is actually worth it or not?

Well, investing in video marketing is truly worth it in today’s digital world.
And this is not because Clout videos consider it to be so. It is truly because of the digital revolution phase as the internet has a wide reach and the benefits are to infinity. Every business wants to get its brick-mortar business to make the most by securing their online presence. They have started adopting digital marketing as their primary modes of marketing and Video marketing is on the top list to market your business digitally.

To know why video marketing is of core importance this days-check out this video

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